Monday, 16 July 2012

No more moules!

Not sure if its nemesis I'm talking about today or the law of averages!
Having thrown away a great deal of semi frozen food yesterday I was informed that I could have had a giant barbecue  with it all.  I protested that the reason I'd chucked it out was that I wasn't sure how long it had been defrosting and I didn't want the whole village to get food poisoning!
And then we went out to lunch.
It was our favourite pub lunch where people eat huge portions of meat and two veg and I  plump for something much lighter...
I ordered moules in a cream sauce and thoroughly enjoyed eating them.....A couple of hours later I really wished I hadn't......The attack was sudden and vicious and has now made me very glad  that I did throw out all the scallops and sea food from my freezer....I wouldn't wish this on anyone else!
I am better today....I have even ventured a milky coffee and a few cornflakes.... but am not sure if I can keep them in!
After poisoning us all at Christmas and having much the same reaction yesterday I think maybe God is trying to tell me something.....its goes along the lines of...
"Mortal one......stay well away from all things that come out of the sea......especially if they are protected by shells of various kinds.....I made them that way to keep them safe from predators like you!."
OK  Message received and understood....I will try not to get tempted again....  but if I don't really like huge chunks of dead animal either it may have to be back to lettuce again....     Not quite sure how David would react to that one!


  1. Have you thought of going Kosher? :)

  2. You could always do what I used to, make vegetarian food for yourself and feed David his carnivorous choice.

    I do eat some fish, but not shellfish of any kind, after all there are plenty of others.

    Luckily for me, John was not a big meat-eater and gradually over the years lost his taste for it entirely and ate what I did. Much easier to cater for and no food poisoning!

  3. Ray. I did that years ago with the revious husband. Trying to balance two sets of meals is very hard. There is simply not enough time in a day to cook two meals!