Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Public speaking

Unaccustomed as I am........etc, ....Its not true though I am very accustomed to public speaking....
In my past life I used to do a lot of talks on a variety of subjects. I was on the speakers circuit in the NorthWest and had  even been invited to do some after dinner speaking.....I liked those, they fed me first!
During one of the interviews for this job, I told the bishop that I would have no difficulty with  speaking in public and his eyes glazed over when I said that I had done one a week during  a five year period...
Before I was due to give my first sermon he said to me very earnestly,
"Jean, always write down what you want to say...or you'll go on for too long"
I knew he was right and I have always, apart from a couple of extemporary occasions actually written the sermon and then printed it off!
But this weekend I am giving serious thought to resuming my original career ,   not after dinner on this occasion but after tea!
After a lovely cream tea I shall launch into an unscripted natter....
I shall have it all in my head of course....and hope that it doesn't go on for too long.
As I make sure I can see the faces in front of me I always know whose not listening.....though not many doze off during the sermons!
Its a strange feeling now, to return to the person I used to be before the church got me....
I have given little talks to the golden years club and other occasions in the village and I joke that I can actually talk about anything.....
It is more or less true....I just hope that I haven't lost it....  its a skill neglected for rather a long time!

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