Friday, 20 July 2012

Trago expedition.

Today we are going off on what looks horribly to me like a wild goose may not could be a wild donkey chase but it will I think be a complete waste of time....
David has his own office...its next to mine but half its is full of main frame computers rescued from the ark, two lap tops and two printers.....three huge book cases and a large rather also had a cat bed and litter tray at one time and was not a fragrant place to visit, despite the two large armchairs in it.
This week he has been on the move.....there are two large cupboards one of which has hanging room for my cassocks, surplices etc...they nestle up to a very large wine rack..
If I'm cooking coq au vin or seafood  with white wine it has been my habit to go and help myself to a bottle to put in the cooking...
The recent revelations about how much those bottles are worth have stopped this....I now buy supermarket wine and keep it in the kitchen!
However David is aware that ano domino is approaching and is anxious that he has carefully catalogued the wine and stored it in the right place, away from a wife on the borrow...  for raffles etc I hasten to add.
Yesterday he was on hands and knees stacking a great pile of bottles into a corner completely un reachable by me.
Today we are going into Falmouth to Trago mill......if you are from these parts that's really all I need say...but for the rest of you its a very cheap store, selling on the "Stack it high, sell it cheap" principle.
I am not entirely sure why we are going and what we are looking for but I do know that I must be there.....otherwise who knows what he'll come home with!
In the past I have brought lampshades, kitchen stools, carpets etc over from Falmouth in my it all has to fit into the car!  Ahem!

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