Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Blogger probs!

I have a problem and if any of my fellow bloggers have the same one please let me know! a) so that I won't feel quite so feckless and b) it's just possible that together we might solve it!
The problem is that when someone leaves a comment on my blog I try to reply but Blogger won't let me!
I've now tried on both the lap top and the iPad and though it's better on the pad it does still make it difficult for me!
This what happens. I press "reply" and a screen appears. I type in a few words and they do not appear on the screen.
I leave it a while and sometimes the reply is there but then if I try to edit it..typos etc , it just won't let me!
I have been to Blogger help.....they weren't .
I have wasted hours trying to reply to some really interesting comments...so I am thinking of new ways of dealing with it.
I've already visited a friends blog to leave a reply there to her comment on my blog! It lets me do that alright!
From now on I will paste a reply into the original blog so if your looking for a reply check the blog first.
And I apologize to everyone who has waited in vain for some sort of answer....
It has not been for lack of trying!

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  1. This is a new one on me Jean (but then, so is everything else), perhaps it's peculiar to your own particular lap-top, or maybe a local problem?
    I have to say I've never resorted to asking blogger for help, they seem to consist of robots, not a humanoid among 'em.
    I do hope someone with a brain cell in working order can help.

  2. I seldom bother with the reply button, I just type in another comment as I am doing here. In the template I use I fiddles around but found nothing helpful. I assume you have been going to Design>Settings>Posts & Comments>Comments>Location then you will have Embedded whereas I have Full Page. I replied to one of you comments on my blog. When Embedded my reply was under your comment; when Full Page it was the lowest (most recent) on the page. I put it back to embedded and it then linked itself to your comment. (I like Full Page so I will stick with it)
    I looked for some other changes such as the little envelope you have under your posts but that must be to do with email which I have disabled. Cannot see how to put Reactions though

    1. That is very interesting Tenon. Thank you....

    2. It worked fine for a short sentence and then just stopped! I have now tried out a new way. On blogsy it doesn't seem quite so difficult. I just hope it all settles down in the fullness of time!

  3. It might be working for you earnie but it still isn't for me. I am typing blind onto a blank screen!

    1. Strange that you should be having a different experience of the reply function that us.

      I use blogger and replies on my blog work OK.

    2. I think that's the point Earnie. It is strange.