Friday, 24 August 2012

Bride and groom fall out!

Today was always going to be difficult if not hectic....I was due in church at 9am, the precise time the gardner, the cleaner and the builders were expected along with a delivery from Tesco.   Just getting my car out was going to be tricky!  Putting it back in its place even trickier!
The rain stopped all of that!  We sent the gardener home and the builders never showed up at all!
This afternoon has been a wedding was very different.
The bride was half an hour late, the groom even later....
This was no bad thing as it gave me time to listen to the flautist once we had unearthed a music stand.....Since my flute playing daughter died there are some pieces which break me up.... none of these were in that category!
The bride appeared  ten minutes before the groom and was in tears.
The groom finally appeared and said."I am not happy" in a very loud voice.
Only after the rehearsal did I find out the exact nature of the problem.....The bride had lost the groom's credit Tesco!
At the end they were just about speaking but it had been tense!
It reminded me of another wedding rehearsal where the groom and bride were furious with each other...he had lost his passport.....unless he found it the honeymoon was off!
He didn't find it they had to go to a hotel instead.....That was five years ago and they are still married and still happy....the small blip didn't really matter......I am hoping for the same for this couple tomorrow!
Just don't let it rain Lord!


  1. You are obviously a Saint and a calming presence.

    But I suspect that somewhere underneath still lurks the School Marm (in the nicest way) which helps to bring order to the noisiest class.

    Good luck for the morrow.

  2. It was like having 4C on a Friday afternoon! But I'm not a saint far more a school marm....