Friday, 17 August 2012

Car trouble........again

I take back what I said in a previous post about my car's problems....I am actually a complete dumbo!

Last week I got home and told my dearly beloved that I had a warning light on my dashboard. I needed some oil. David duly went and put the oil in for me thus sealing my fate as permanently helpless female.

The same light came on again this morning! Exasperated I took it home and looked for a lot of black stuff on the was clear.

David said he would go and put more oil in. Before that happened I went out for another look in driving horizontal rain.

The light came on and I had a closer look. When I'm driving I can't examine what's happening on my dashboard too closely......what I saw this morning was not an empty oil's a picture of a battery! The stick coming out of it is actually lightening. It was warning me that yet again I've run the battery down.

I do have a solar panel on the dash board to keep the battery turning over but alas no sun at all proved too much of a challenge.

So no oil needed....husband has remained dry....I just need to run the car for a bit! Going to lunch in a nearby village tommorow should do the trick....

My stock as resident dumbo has never been ......erm lower? Higher?

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  1. It's an easy thing to do. I have some strange symbols on my dial, but the one that I worry about is that one that says 'abandon the car and get a new one' :)

    But batteries are temperamental - my car is only now used one day a week, so I expect the battery to be flat each time. I have an emergency starter stood bye just in case - so far, after 5 years it has continued to work well. Well past it's 2 year warranty. I hope that the winter doesn't break it.