Sunday, 5 August 2012

Confrontation can damage.

What do you do if someone lets you down? What if the same person is a friend and confidant?
Avoid them till it's all sorted out, by time if nothing else!
Maybe that's the cowards way out but it's the path I am treading at the moment.
I find face to face confrontation difficult, made worse by my wearing the dog collar....
I am able to turn the other cheek most of the time but when something has to be said then I know I may well get close to either anger or worse tears..
Either way it's bad for the image which is why I choose the cowards way out.
What makes it embarrassing is that it's not the first time , this is a recurring problem over years and my failure to address it has made it worse for which I can only blame myself.
To feel like this on a Sunday morning when I'm preaching shortly is even worse....
I know that from the moment I set off for church I will be in a different mind set. But for now I am practicing tolerance...deep breath, understanding and patience.....there...
Feeling better now. Thank you dear diary.

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  1. I suspect that you are not the only one who dislikes conflict. Sometimes avoidance is the only strategy possible, but it makes for an uneasy mind.

    I've been confrontational in my working life, particularly as I had a job where my integrity would have been in question if I had gone along with something that my boss wanted to do. My refusal to bow to their wishes had an impact, a breakdown in relationships which fortunately were't fatal to my career as I was in the right and he knew it.

    But he made my life difficult for a while, until he eventually moved on. In some ways in retrospect I felt that facing things was the only way of dealing with them, if it involved confrontation, so be it. I now wonder how much damage I did along the way?

    I think that I'm a gentler person nowadays, and have learned that going head first into a situation is a mistake - I tend to stand back, take advice and seek other ways of resolving it. But eventually, I know it will have to be dealt with, and inevitably some solution will come to mind, particularly if I've given it some thoughtful prayer.