Thursday, 30 August 2012

David's ladies.

Today is Thursday and therefor mid week communion day. I don't always do it but David my husband does....he is out early to set up the altar and get the whole thing looking inviting by the time anyone else gets there....he was church warden here for a long time. Old habits die hard.
One of his habits is to gather up the ladies  of the village who need a lift!
The church is up a very steep slope. Parking is difficult at the best of times, impossible in August when the builders are in!  Yes, we have builders in the church as well as at home....
On Thursday morning the phone rings early.
"Is David there dear?"
They ring up to make sure he's going to pick them up....They stand waiting at various points en route and if they are not there he leaves them!  This was a surprise to me as he is just not that sort of person but the church comes first in these matters....I think he might well leave me if I wasn't ready except that they can't really start without me.
The midweek numbers have dropped, are dropping, will drop because they are all of a certain age...and they are now almost all female...
Visitors do pop by, last week we had a lovely lady from Essex...who sat down immediately and joined in with obvious good heart
I think they are now all fairly confident that if they are in the right position at the right time  David will arrive on his white charger...actually a silver grey Merc...and convey them to salvation...
I always talk about the saint of the day....who today is John theres a lot to talk about!
Its a good group of people meeting once a week to worship and to chat!
Not sure which of those two is the most important but whatever.....its a good gentle happy occasion....and then David takes them home again!  Unless they are going for a coffee somewhere..
Old habits die hard. .

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