Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Deep peace.

This is a follow up to the story of Elsie that I wrote some time ago....she is arriving this morning to take her last communion in church. Being in St Just on aTuesday morning is for her the perfect ending to a life. She tells me she is in kidney failure. The verger and I are her family, the others having been buried in our graveyard one by one over the years.

She has travelled down from Lancashire specially for this moment.

I don't know if she will want to say goodbye to the boys, her description of her dear departed but if she does then the verger and I will accompany her up a hill which after all this rain will be treacherous. I have put on boat shoes but I will also take a stick to steady me !

It's going to be a very sad morning but lightened by her wonderful northern sense of humour...I have never met her without a smile and a joke to share.

She hasn't seen the church since its refurbishment so we will sit quietly in the lady chapel. The candles will be lit and she will light one for each of her boys, and then I'll give her communion....any passing strangers will be welcome I know but really it's going to difficult and emotional to give her the send off she needs and deserves!

People become attached to this church. I mourned David here. I know the healing that flows through it and the deep peace....

The deep peace of the flowing wave to you

The deep peace of the starry sky to you

The deep peace of the Son of man to you.......be yours now and forever. Amen

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