Friday, 31 August 2012

Dog bulletin

The workman has been barked in and says he will finish today now the sun has made an appearance. If only all problems could be solved by a little good weather...

Crispin has continued to deteriorate and his incontinence has become much worse over the last few days. We walk around the house scanning the ground but occasionally miss it if it's dusk. My visitors occasionally find something very unexpected in my office . The poor dog doesn't know it's happening which is not good when he arrives during a meal. Neither David or I could finish last evenings dinner!

He has been such a good dog I really can't tell him off but he is anxious each time until the offending object is removed!

In other ways he is still fine. He barks at visitors...he greets old friends with joy and still eats well....

It's the back legs that are his problem...he sighs when sitting down and can't get back up without a visible effort.

David and I have agreed that once the weather won't allow us to leave the doors open then it will be time to talk to the vet again. The main problem is that he will be 15 in September. It would be a poor birthday present for such a wonderful dog!

What ever happens it will leave us bereft that I do know!

Here he was this morning back in his usual place on the new paving!


  1. I do feel for you Jean, though my experience has been only of cats, never having had a dog.
    The way I have taught myself to look at it, is that the last trip to the vet is the one last kindness you can offer. The trick, if that is the word, is to make it seem like just any old trip for the animal's sake.
    All the howling and anguish needs to be kept until after.
    God bless you and Crispin.

  2. Thank you Ray....I am hoping for one of two things.....either the vet I trust will come here or God will take him aloft one night!
    A trip in the car is now impossible without hurting him!

  3. Jean, we've been there with a much loved elderly Dog. We inherited Della about mid-way through her life. She was a lovely, brindle mixed breed, but gentle and got on well with our cats.

    At age 14 she had a stroke, but with medication continued to enjoy life. Eventually, she got like your Crispin. We talked to the vet and he came to our home and we allowed her to go in her own surroundings and with love.

    She was cremated and her ashes are in our garden, along with those of the cats who were her friends in life. I know that it's regarded by some as maudlin, but she was our friend and companion. She always had a welcome and accompanied us on lots of walks and had a good life with us, in contrast to the one she had before us. She was gentle and loved nothing better than lying full length on the rug before the fire on cold evenings.

    As you can tell, we still miss her. We chose not to replace her because it broke our heart when she went.