Monday, 6 August 2012

Local doctors.

They have finally caught up with me! The local doctors have had a shake up recently and a whole new array of young people have arrived. I've met one of them briefly when he asked me to call him Tom and I asked him to call me Jean but apart from him I now know none of them.
I go to have my blood pressure checked, my blood taken etc and talk to the nurses when ever I am summoned . I go for my flu jab every winter but doctors are absent on those occasions so today I have been called in to discuss my medication!
Why? I am a healthy old woman who is still seems fairly obvious that the medication works!
The receptionist whom I have known since she was a barefoot child swimming in and out of the apologetic....she says it won't take long!
It can only be good I suppose that they are taking an interest.
I mostly meet the local doctors at funerals for obvious reasons and I am hoping that mine won't be the next one!
If the blog suddenly stops you will know that maybe they are trying to give me the bad news!

PS. Back in record time having met a delightful young doctor!
No problem at all!
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  1. They are taking an interest? I'm glad your are. I was summoned to attend a Well Man Clinic. As a precursor I had to have blood tests - form enclosed with the letter. I duly went and had the tests and rang the surgery the obligatory number of days later to be told that it was in fact a Health Assistant who ran the surgery. He only worked mornings three days a week and was fully booked for 3 weeks ahead.

    I should call back in a week or two. I told them that I wasn't prepared to be kept hanging on and they could ring me back with an appointment when one became available. Two months later I'm still waiting.....

    Ours is a One man practice, which was absorbed into one of the fabulous clinics that the last government swore by, now, I have to ring an 0845 number (which costs more) rather than my local number and be answered by either a machine or one of half a dozen receptionists working for one of 6 different practices represented in the clinic.

    The family doctor (at least in our Health Trust area, no longer exists - just a faceless organisation which doesn't care enough.

    1. I am very sorry to hear that Earnie. I think that here we are benefitting from a community that is very small and interlinked in a good way....I really hope things improve in Kent!

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