Monday, 20 August 2012


My husband was up frighteningly early this morning. I joined in till a quick look at my watch revealed that it was not yet seven o'clock.
I went back to bed.....he prepared himself for what is for him a newish experience.....his car was going to be MOT'd.
As a working man he has had company cars all his life, ranging from the very useful to status symbols chosen for him by his employers. They never needed an MOT.
Once retired he continued to trade them in before a safety check  was due but this time is different.....I  think it must be the second time......  he is  just not used to it!
I usually drive with him to bring him back but this morning he's taken his paper and his kindle and  is going to drink their coffee whilst they get on with it...
They are used to him there and they will all go for a chat with him and someone will try to sell him a younger model....
Once when they needed his car for two or three nights they lent him one. It was a sleek, open topped Merc costing in excess of thirty thousand.
I looked at with many misgivings....
"Do they know where you live?"
 Our lanes are narrow here...we all have the scratches to prove it....thankfully it went back ungrazed...
This morning I am hoping to see the same car come home that went out.....but with David you never know!
The joys of MOTing are after all limited.

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