Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Politics or religion?

I worry. I don't worry about things which can't be changed but I do worry if something is being changed for what seems to be all the wrong reasons.

Priests are not supposed to have views on politics or at least not try to influence those in our flocks that may have differing opinions. Before I became a member of the clergy I was not so careful. I did speak out on occasions but now I just worry.

I worry about those children who lives may have been changed by moving the exam goal posts last week. I worry about those disabled people who are being told they are fit to work when they quite clearly in some cases are not.

I worry about those people who are finding it difficult to find work and keep a roof over their heads.

The economic gloom is global, it's not just us but in order to combat it surely it must be fair....if we are all in it together then it must be everyone sharing the bad news and not just those wealthy enough to find ways round not paying taxes.

When people's lives are being affected because there is no alternative then OK we do understand that, but to sell off school playing fields, and parts of the NHS appears to be purely political...

So sorry Lord...I worry...

Heaven knows the politically correct brigade made me cross too but it is time to stop scapegoating those less fortunate than ourselves.

Paying tax is still a way a civilized society spreads the load to help those less fortunate....but we do expect our taxes to be spent wisely and not to see the family silver being sold off to make the buyers even richer....

It's not socialism I'm talking's Christianity.

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