Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The devil and all his works

This morning I have the pleasure of a visit from two babies...I expect their mother will be there too!
Their mum was one of the first brides I married during the interregnum.  She was very nervous and asked if her father could come and see me...
Of course he could and he then conducted a fairly searching interview on my life and views, at the end of which he then beamed at me, told me he was a clinical psychiatrist and pronounced me one of the sanest people he'd met! Whew!  I hadn't realised I was being interviewed!
During the pre-nup chats she revealed she had not been christened...her parents had waited until she was old enough to make her own decision.
I very gently suggested that it would be a good idea to get christened before the pressure!
About a month before the big day she rang me up to ask if she could be christened one Saturday morning soon.
I said yes of course she could and sorted it out with the church warden....
She arranged to bring her sponsors with her, including her father the clinical psychiatrist  who seemed to be in approval mode..and they all turned up with the prospective groom and his parents in tow.
She pulled me to one side before we were due to begin to tell me that her future father in law had not been christened either...could he be done at the same time?
Joy of joys...two for the price of one!
They were duly done, having answered all the right questions in the vestry before we started....
Since then I have already christened her first baby and its the second one's turn soon.
We all greet each like long lost family....and its a very happy event....shame about the liturgy but I have got them used to the devil and all his works by this time!

I believe there is a move a foot to update the baptism liturgy but if it has happened its not got here yet.....which will not prevent me from making some additions of course!


  1. It's the destination that matters, not the route Jean.

  2. I thought that the liturgy had been updated to speak of 'the naughty one and all of his naughty doings' or am I dreaming?