Friday, 3 August 2012

Twitter and blogging.

Against all the odds I am enjoying the Olympics....since the wonderful starting night  when all of our senses were engaged to today  when I am sitting quietly  to watch the rowing for a mornings joy. .
This is remarkable as I am of the generation that regards daytime television as a bit of a be indulged   only on special occasions or for very short periods.
And yet here I am every morning this week,  cheering on the rowers and rejoicing in their victories.
David of course fills in the gaps wonderfully well for me.....and I find that other small triumphs gain my attention as we go, mostly through what I read on Twitter.
This last has had a bad press recently and I find myself defending it when ever anyone  sneers at the twitterati or those  who threaten others with unpleasant words and actions by using this medium.
I do not defend the bigots and haters...and they are there,  mostly blocked by me. But I do enjoy the camaraderie and the jokes as well as the debates about everything. They bring me up to speed with whats happening  which would require me to read several  news papers a day.
I enjoy reading other peoples blogs and their comments on mine....a solid community of bloggers has built up steadily though I have to say I am missing my figures have dropped recently....come back all is forgiven.
The whole experience of engaging with others, to talk, to debate or simply to play games  is enriching my life in a most unexpected way!
I am quite prepared to take the downside as well...since when has anything worthwhile been angst free? In any one day there will be frustrations  and sometimes just plain anger but they are next to the joy, the laughter and the building of friendships.
A small section of human life ...which is always  just what we make it ourselves.

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  1. Twitter is, and will remain for me, a closed book, but the benefits of blogging and reading others' blogs are enormous for me.
    I love the interchange of views and opinions on everything, major or very very minor, and the chance to exchange comments with a host of unseen but much appreciated cyber friends.
    People are endlessly fascinating, and blogging widens the field of friendship in a way which can only be good for us all.