Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Waste is a sin.

The sun which was wonderful for an hour in the early morning has now gone in again...it has dawned upon me that the summer is more than half over and we hav'nt actually had it yet. So I've started the process of throwing things out

If I get up in the morning and put something on which I then take off again  it's going....I put it in a bag in the spare room to go off to Oxfam. The trouble is that I then take it out again quite soon after! The habit of wasting nothing is still too strong in me.

We did not waste anything in my youth either food or clothes. For a start there was rationing. You couldn't get the coupons! It seem ridiculous now to think that a new school uniform cost coupons as well as money which is why my mum went to the second hand shop every time .

I don't think I ever had anything new for school....it was already well patched by the time it came my way, which is why now I am so reluctant to part with stuff even though I know it doesn't really suit me.

Food is a different problem....I can not cope with too much of of it now...sad but true....at home I eat about half of what David does but when we go out unless they do half portions for granny's I am often faced with leaving far more on my plate than I want to.

The words. "They are starving in India" come back to haunt me. Words used by teachers, parents, et al to encourage us to clear our plates.

Wasting anything is immoral....but I still do it. I wish I didn't. I could lie about it but I would know the truth.

In the meanwhile I am not exactly wasting away! I must be shedding fat hoarded over many years of good eating.

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  1. Oh Jean, I know this one ao well!
    Last year (I think, though it may have been the one before), I wrote a blog called Waste not want not, on just this theme,
    Old habits die hard - if at all.
    I also retrieve things put out to be passed on and wear them again until they literally fall to pieces.
    Sadly this doesn't stop me buying more.
    Know anyone with elastic sided wardrobes for sale?
    I don't waste food either, anything left over goes to cats hedgehogs or birds.