Monday, 27 August 2012

Wet Weather. Again!

Here we are on August Bank holiday with what is fast becoming our normal weather!
And thats what is so shocking!  Cornwall is not known as the Cornish riviera for nothing.....we are renowned for having  glorious, non stop sunshine!  But not any more!

About a month ago we realised that our pathway around the house was becoming a hazard to all my elderly visitors. We started the ball rolling in plenty of time to get all the crazy paving that goes right round the house replaced by paving stones. The contractor failed to arrive on the only rain free day last week so the builder started to make good! A term I've come to regard withe great suspicion.

On this occasion it meant taking up all the loose stones and filling in the gaps. These gaps have now become soggy messes.

The builder hasn't been seen since the day the stones arrived because it's been pouring down steadily. We like him and don't blame him for a second....but the only good day was yesterday...a Sunday......

This weather is set to go on for a week....all the old, infirm and those in prams are going to find negotiating a passage into the house a bit fraught if not actually dangerous!

I am simply fed up with it all ..... from ruining weddings to creating havoc at all sorts of venues and stopping my poor dog from lying in the sun which is pretty much all he wants to do most days not to mention the dreaded slugs!

This all started when a drought was declared...can we now declare a waterlogged condition? A national emergency needing a bloke called Noah to start building soon! Please!

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  1. It's difficult when you are trying to do things and the weather is being unkind. In the South East we seem to fluctuate between sun and rain in intervals. Yesterday is was dry all day, although a bit overcast. It was raining most of the night so our garden is again a sodden mess. Fox paw prints and bye product everywhere Urgh. Now, the sky is clear and the sun is peeping through.

    The only blessing is that we didn't have to water our garden as nature did it for us. And the weeds are flourishing.