Friday, 7 September 2012

A two sermon weekend.

It's no good. I have to admit to not being superwoman. I would have liked to be but this morning I've given up! I'm not.

I have discovered recently what God ordained me for was to look after parishes with no incumbent. It started with Gerrans whilst I was still an ordinand. It went on with St Just for an interregnum of almost three years! Now another parish on the Roseland is without a priest so in I go on Sunday to cover the first of many.

I was already down for Evensong here and decided that there was no need to write two sermons. I could tailor one to cover both themes...

Now I've read all the readings for both events I think I'd better just give up and write two sermons. My first attempts written yesterday , combining two themes are abysmally obviously concoctions.

I've deleted the whole thing and will start fresh in the morning, using the notes made previously.

I did once during a week in Henley write two sermons in longhand in the back of the car....but I was younger then..

Now the sad thing is that trying to make one theme cover two sets of readings has defeated me! Back to the drawing board Lord. Sooner than deliver one dodgy sermon twice it makes more sense to just write two.....

At least that is my position right now. It could change again if glorious inspiration strikes.

One thing I will never do is what my training incumbent used to...take sermons off the net...often from Canada where the lectionary is the same...

There is time. I've now talked myself into both! Amen.

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  1. I don't envy you one bit. Hope that inspiration does strike for both.