Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Beautiful Cornwall.

We are on holiday! We can't go away because it would be unfair to leave Crispin with anyone else. Each morning I clear up after him and during the day as and when It's needed and I don't mind because he's my dog....it's my job but it would be awful to expect anyone else to do it!

So it could be worse....we live in the most beautiful place on earth after all....but if I'm home the phone rings, the mail arrives and the conscience pricks me. So I will visit people who don't know I'm on holiday....and I will go to the governors meeting tonight....and all the other things that will inevitably crop up during the next couple of weeks!

A whole day out would be difficult so we are planning trips to local beauty spots not often visited when I'm busy and then we will eat out, starting today!

A trip to an old coaching house on the river bank of the Fal is calling. It was burnt down last year but seems to have been resurrected intact...complete with thatched roof!

Shame about the weather but we can deal with that.....oillys will be packed into the boot.....

Off we go......
Much later.   We did have a lovely lunch and I hate to say this with half the country having appalling weather...we have had sun most of the day!

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