Thursday, 27 September 2012

Don't nudge on FB!

Every month or so I consider quitting Facebook.......and to a much lesser degree Twitter...

When I first started cruising social net works I tried to separate the two by having people I actually know and meet on FB and the others on Twitter...

Inevitably the two have become the list of followers on twitter include some from FB and the other way round.

This does sometimes give way to exasperation which you can put down to bad temper, old age or just plain grumpiness! So I'm having a grumpy morning.......

Facebook have now introduced so many new initiatives that it's hard to keep up......I suspect my privacy is often invaded but as I regret that there's nothing much to hide it doesn't really matter all that much.

I never mind being asked to pray for anything....that's my job, it's what I do....but I am getting slightly annoyed with the status thing of asking you to copy and paste to show you care!

Anyone normal will care about cancer, childhood deaths, people losing their jobs or homes or indeed anything they should taken as read surely but it's not what I really worry about, it's the implied threat that they will know who won't copy and paste it!

I find it all a bit grubby and self serving....and it's happening an awful lot at the moment.

I stay with FB as much for the games as anything else...I love a good game of Scrabble which can be played when time is available and left when it isn't...over the years I've met some interesting people playing with them and I would hate to lose them.

Now though on some of the games you are encouraged to nudge people if they are a bit slow......nudge!

Be warned anyone nudging me in the middle of a busy day may have a long wait!

Told you I was having a grumpy day!


  1. Dont you dare leave fb Jean

    It is my way of keeping up with everyone and my way of corresponding with friends. Just make sure you have no personal details on your profile, and delete those who annoy!
    I don't answer all those silly questions but pick and choose. I don't 'do' twitter mainly because it has me foxed.
    Be selective Jean but don't lose me please xx

  2. Don't worry Babs. I'm only having a moan! Just occasionally I think it needs saying!