Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Getting old, all of us.

Anno domino has caught up with me this morning. Damn I am old! David was going into Truro and I stayed behind to get the newly paved area decorated by the pots.
Gosh they were heavy. Even with the help of the wheelbarrow it has taken its toll. Something I would have done easily even a year ago has been hard work.
It's all been worth it. The new blonde flags are looking very bright with pots of annuals on them.
By chance they are the same colour as a golden retriever so Crispin is now blending in nicely with the colour scheme.
Having my coffee to survey the scene I saw how carefully he lowered himself down and how difficult it was for him to get up again. In the middle of all the colour and the beauty was an intimation of death.
It can't be long now. And it's one of the reasons for my staying behind this morning . David came home to most of the heavy work done.
We are all getting old so

I will now sit down and write the eulogy for tomorrows funeral. It fits the prevailing mood totally.

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  1. We spent two days cutting back our hedges and clearing for winter. Knackered, and I suspect I might be a tad younger than you :)

    Now have to life and reseat 4 slabs that are wobbly, suspect builder who put them down, skimped on the foundation. Now, 5 years later, problems are showing.

    But, with a trusty pickaxe, some sand, a thumper to level and some instant cement, should be a breeze. Lucky I've got a strapping spouse to life them for me :)