Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I have had an interesting morning with the person running the interegnum in the nearbye village. We sorted out the Remembrance Day service before going on to other matters.

My problem is that I have always dealt with interegnums. I have experienced two intimately and know the score.....indeed the second one introduced me to my they are not all bad news.

It's not taking the services that's the's all the other bits and pieces....funerals need visits, carehome visits to give communion develope a sort of dependence which is hard to break..

Relationships are forged and cemented in place...getting out of the commitments are difficult so if you are sensible you try not to get too involved to start with.

Interegnums take time....they have already done a statement of needs and been told it will take at least a year.....mmmm

I have worked very hard this morning to try not to get over involved.....but not completely successfully .

At this stage I usually tell myself that it's all in God's hands. But the promise I made to Him and myself that I would always do what was asked of me is getting harder to keep as I get older....the spirit is willing but the flesh regrettably is weak!


  1. Sounds ever so challenging.

    Will be praying for some light relief during all fo the work.

  2. This is where you need to make yourself a priority Jean.
    After all, if you take on too much you will burn out and then you'll be no help to anyone, apart from needing help yourself.
    Sometimes "we" and "you" needs to become "I".