Thursday, 6 September 2012

Prince toad.

I'm getting a little worried about the toads. They used to often come for a swim in the daft little pool and occasionally I would lift them out gently if the water was too high for them.
They were around during the recent work here but yesterday I reinstated the pool and there's been no sign of them at all.
I hope the paving stones being laid havnt trapped them in somewhere!
So I've been working a few stones slightly looser!
I explained this to the builder and he laughed. He clearly thinks I'm balmy.
I told him how much I liked the toads using the only bit of water around.
He gave me one of his "I despair of women "looks so I compounded the issue.
"Well" I said " you never know one of them might turn out to be a prince. "
He went away laughing but sure of my near approach to senility.

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  1. I suspect toads are rather too bright to be 'paved over', but if you should find the odd prince going spare, please pass him this way.

  2. They might just be hiding until the disruption is finished. Once the water is available without to much disturbance they'll be back.

    Do they live in Toad Hall?