Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sermon on James

Having been a teacher I am always aware of the reaction of a congregation to my sermons. My husband is my sternest critic...that's his job! He thought preaching on James might be a bit difficult for them to follow. I have faith....if that's what I'm called to talk about then who am I to doubt the workings of the spirit?

In the event he was wrong. I was giving them new information. This in itself is a major achievement . They have heard most of it before, most weeks.'s the way you tell em!

The distinctly Jewish flavor had been picked up by the organist and we went up the aisle to some Jewish dancing music after singing. "You shall go out with joy"

The faces in front of you reveal far more than they need to know...interest, scepticism boredom. It's all fairly obviously there most Sundays but today was different. They picked up the Jewish references and danced with them especially when I described a sabbath meal with one of my early boyfriends and his parents as a truly spiritual experience.

No one has ever fallen asleep in one of my sermons but there are occasions when I know I've lost them!

This morning was not one of them!

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