Sunday, 9 September 2012

Singing in the aisles !

Wonderful story from this mornings service.

The church is in interregnum and yesterday they all boarded a coach to go to see their old priest licensed for her new parish. On entering the church an old lady fell very badly and couldn't get up. An ambulance was called and as she was in great pain, gas and air were administered.

She still couldn't get up and it was obvious that she'd broken something so the service went ahead whilst she lay in the aisle.

High on morphine by that time she joined in all the hymns with gusto and was then transported to the hospital where today she had a hip replacement.

It was an occasion none of them will forget and a lesson learned. Now they all know how to jump the NHS waiting list for new hips!


  1. Sounds as if having the pain and medication made her worship experience memorable and certainly that of the whole congregation.

    Not sure that I'd recommend it as a means of getting to the top of the waiting list though :(

  2. I've heard of singing for your supper but that is just ridiculous.