Monday, 17 September 2012

Wicked cookery

I enjoy cooking. I am blogging whilst cooking this morning....I love the whole thing of preparing, planning and actually getting food onto the table. I can't do pretty anymore . My wrists are not up to the lifting and pouring!

My time as a vegetarian taught me alot about grinding and mixing weird ingredients together to make good tasty food and my biggest problem now is eating it! My appetite is tiny compared to that of everyone else. When we go out I often have half portions!

I am now seriously influenced by some of the cooking programmes on the TV. I've learned a lot from Masterchef....stuff that was not included in any lessons I took as a girl...the world has moved on from hotpot and sheepskin head broth.

One of the main joys of the programme is watching some very unlikely cooks getting their act together and producing culinary triumphs of beauty....we only have the judges word on what they taste like.

This morning I have made a cream sauce in which are prawns, king and ordinary, scallops and lardons...I shall include tagliatelle but it won't look pretty...served straight from the pan with a ladle.

Shhh the wicked bit is the real cream I've used and the white wine! My husband is unaware of the ingredients but I know the is fairly wicked....but we shall enjoy it!

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  1. Nothing wicked in cream and wine the wicked is in the lardons but ah so good!Antonia