Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A bathroom each!

I went up the stairs this morning after my patrol of the house to find anything the dog had left behind to find a pool of soapy water on the husband was having a shower!

I had the consolation of knowing that even though we had a damp carpet up there it was clean!

I had already had my shower at that stage but in my own bathroom, not his.

We have separate's taken me quite a while to admit that but it's true and it works....

We have an ancient farmhouse which has not been tarted up much! It has some very large rooms as well as some very small ones so my bathroom is attached to my office.

Old ladies etc can use it during their visits without having to climb stairs!

Separate bathrooms are essential in old age....for us anyway...David also has a dressing room which doubles as an ironing all works well. His office is next door to mine but a third of its size because he doesn't entertain old ladies! Though there are two armchairs and a decanter or two!

He came down this morning having used some magical power to unblock the drain in his shower and announced that now he knew where all his hair has gone.....shame he can't fix it back on!

Forgive this idle morning chatter.....just putting off the moment of truth....will my car start after such a rainy run of weather. My solar panel should help but the sun has been in short supply recently!



  1. Not yet into old age- but I find life much simpler and stressful now we have separate bathrooms- particularly on a Sunday morning :)