Thursday, 18 October 2012

A dog aunty

I suppose another post about Crispin was inevitable...I have been overwhelmed by so many truly kind messages and hugs....thank you all!

Getting up this morning was a mixed reaction. For months we have walked cautiously with all the lights on to avoid what he'd left behind! This morning we found we were still scanning the floors as we went!

Once a much loved pet dies you start to realise just how much you have done for them, almost without noticing....small things.....he always had the last mouthful of every banana and enjoyed a bowl of milk on getting up! He had the last mouthful of everything I ate....we had fallen into bad habits.

When Major my last golden died he had shared my bed after my husband died.....I had got up with him during the night every night for months without really noticing.

Here David was up at 5 every morning to let Crispin in and out!

The carpets are still full of golden hair and we going to be much smarter when it's all been picked up!

Both of us got up several times an hour to let him out and then let him in again...right through the day...

Having a pet is time consuming, exhausting and at times fraught but they pay us back in ways that you only realise when they've gone.

We are too old now to take on another dog but I shall become a dog auntie....I have a lot of food to give away but some of it I shall keep....a few biscuits in my pocket will always come in handy!


  1. Once again, I hardly wait for your post to appear when I pounce on it.
    Sorry about that Jean, but we seem to have so many experiences in common it would be absurd to ignore them.
    I have had no cats for four years now and yet I buy cat biscuits regularly, feed every furry face which appears at my door, known or unknown, and will happily continue to be a sucker till I die.
    On the issue of ownership of pets, it is easier for someone, even as ancient as I am, to take on an animal, since there are always cats whose owners have died, or abandoned them, or simply been unable to afford to keep them and they become tenants of cat rescue hotels.
    I don't know whether the same applies to dogs, but as cats don't need to be taken out for walks they are an easier proposition.
    Just a thought.

    1. It's a good thought and one which has been suggested here too....we shall see. I am a great believer in something turning up if it's meant to happen so I shall not be out looking. We have another long trip next year too so there is no point in even thinking about it.....just yet!