Thursday, 25 October 2012


Many years ago I was an Astroger! I know this sits badly with being a priest now but during my hippie years there was no doubt about the presence of God in my life. It was what I learned during meditation that I draw on still today.

Astrology is neither magic nor witchcraft. Put very simply it is the belief that bodies in the stratosphere can affect us on earth.....which is of course balmy.....I gave up Astrology many years ago but would remind you about tides in which the moons pull does affect us all....and the tidal flow can be measured in a tea cup these days.

I have not considered the planets in this way for a very long time but suddenly finding myself in a time of cataclysmic disaster I find my thoughts are turning to Saturn and wondering where it is right now.....old habits die hard!

I am not yet ready to talk about the last week....I may never be ready....those friends who know me will fully understand I know...

I am also wondering where Saturn was during the flight from Egypt....pestilential plagues raining down upon the heads of the captors to let the Isrealites escape ?.

I am still capable of joking but it's not much of a joke to wonder....death, destruction, appalling illness, surely it's the turn of the frogs this morning...we have already had a huge number of bluebottles zipping round the bedroom...

God tests can say that again!

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