Monday, 15 October 2012


I am sure we all have mornings like least I hope I'm not alone in getting snowed under with inconsequential stuff before breakfast!

David and were booked in for a flu tandem! Off we went, saw several people we knew, exchanged a few words and came home past the garage.

The words MOT suddenly zoomed into my was due and I'd done nothing about it! I leafed through my bureau and found the old certificate. It was due on the 30th of October. I rang the garage to book it in. Job done! Then I found that the date on it was 2007.

This prompted a frantic other MOT certificate came to hand....

I had tidied it all up a couple of months ago. I must have saved the wrong one!

All of this happened whilst the phone was ringing...the dog was barking and my early morning visitor was weeping into her coffee! Meetings to arrange, e mails to type ,people to contact....then the news that my twitter account has been hacked.

It's still only mid day and I am exhausted! Onwards and upwards.....DV

1 comment:

  1. "Onward and Upward", are you mad, woman?

    This sounds like a perfect 'duvet day' to me.
    I've never experienced one, but am told they are the perfect solution to too much stress.
    Blessings Jean. Whatever you decide to do.