Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Craze and Meva.

Last week and this week we have been revisiting old haunts, much loved by us both though separately as we've only been married a few years. We've shared our memories and had great pleasure in telling each other about previous visits.

This morning we are going to dog dash beach, otherwise known as Caerhaze.....known by the locals as Craze.

It was the last golden, Major who went in for historic dog runs....if something frightened him he ran....the first time for miles along a canal footpath after being startled by a passing train. Once on Craze beach he saw a boy walking towards him with his surf board on his head balanced by up lifted arms. Major gulped. For him the aliens had landed and he ran and ran for miles along the cliff path...and miles after that too, only returning when he was certain the alien threat had retreated! We hope to see no evidence of intergalactic invasion this morning.

We shall then go on to Meva.......gissy is not often added here.....Mevagissy is a legend and only visited by locals in the winter.....we are hoping it will at least be possible to park!

All the places we've eaten in these weeks have been good.....the influence of cooking programs are here to be seen and tasted...yesterday I had a seafood linguini which was excellent.

Who knows what today will bring? Our only regret is that we can no longer get Crispin into a car without hurting him so he has to remain behind, bless him...We don't go home empty handed!


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