Thursday, 18 October 2012

Crispin sculptured.

When I moved to Cornwall Crispin travelled with me. He was a young athletic animal.
A friend here was a brilliant artist and I asked one day if she could do a sculpture of my dog. She agreed and it took several months of hard work to get him just right. But she did.

This is the first one and much admired by my visitors.
My friend was the person who looked after him for me whilst I was away and last year when I got back from a trip she presented me with another Crispin.
This one is the old boy as opposed to the young one!

I now have him as both old and young and both have today been kissed rather a lot. They are exactly life size.
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  1. AAAAHHH, Lovely to have these and pictures to remember him by. We have pictures of our Della as well.