Thursday, 4 October 2012

Excellent food.

I enjoy cooking. Nothing really fancy but good solid peasant food comes out of my kitchen daily. My husband was used to much better but has got used to mine now. I think...

I used to spend much more time in the kitchen than I do now. I have succumbed to prepared vegetables, easy ready made puddings or fruit...but since watching the various Masterchef programmes have been tempted to some more adventurous meals.

Local cuisine is naturally fish I am a dab hand at cream sauces and various seafood dishes.....even the way I poisoned the family last Christmas hasn't actually stopped me ...I just make sure nothing has been too long waiting!

We often eat out on Sundays, especially after two services and we know the places we like best...

This week and last, finding ourselves on holiday but unable to go far because of our dog we have eaten out most days, sampling the delights of local hostelries and harbour side establishments.

We have not been looking for expensive restaurants....Cordon Blue is time consuming as well as costly. We have visited a new town every day and looked for something we liked.

The results have been varied...

The pub meal was quite simply ghastly but looked a better bet than the burger bars and the ones with loud music playing outside. We've avoided places that looked as if they were mainly for children.

Yesterday we wandered around a windswept harbour when rain started suddenly. We sheltered in an art gallery, we were in St Ives after all and then decided to look for some food.

We read all the boards outside the large collection along the harbour and with some misgiving went for the one that advertised local fish stew.

We had a glass of Cornish wine whilst the stew was was good and so was the stew...much like the sort we have enjoyed along Medittaranean shores. Afterwards, encouraged by the stew we had a pudding that looked like something from Master tasted amazing. It was my turn to pay and the whole thing was just over £50. A first class meal for two in pleasant, clean surroundings.

David told the waiter there was just one complaint....that it wasn't closer to St Mawes!

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