Monday, 22 October 2012

Getting fat.

Over the next months I shall have to make alternative arrangements for food disposal. Which being translated means my chief method of waste disposal has died.

Over a life time there has always been a dog, apart from a few months after William the springer died. Unfortunately this coincided with the time my daughter left home and I just went on cooking and baking as normal. Cakes, pies and puddings were produced right through the week...I loved baking and anything left over was scooped up by the dog and the daughter.

In their absence I got very fat.. I hated throwing food away and never I just ate what was left.

Major the golden took up his calling as chief eater upper and was followed by Crispin.

Now I am caught by the bad habits I've fostered over the years....he ate the last bit of any fruit, any meat, any breakfast serial....particularly crave....which he really did yearn for.

I am still giving myself the same amount of food but have to eat it all myself so I know which way this is going!

I am daft....I can quite easily adjust the portions...but not yet.....not quite yet.......


  1. I've been put on an enforced diet by my doctor, cutting out fatty foods, like cheese which featured high on the diet to to my veggie status and some food allergies. This is due to high cholesterol.

    In just three weeks, cutting out food and reducing chocolate intake, I have lost two pounds. I seem to be eating as much, so it seems obvious to me that paying attention to what goes in seems to be the answer.

  2. Seems to me you have two solutions Jean, either give up cooking or give up eating, Innit?