Monday, 29 October 2012

Have a cry and carry on.

Having had a week of loss and of being ill I am trying this morning to get my act together to assume a semblance of normality.

This would usually involve a walk somewhere but this mornings weather is even grimmer than usual...if I go out in that I could well get blown away!

So I blog....this has become normality for me now.....I blog from day today. I do of course also pray everyday but find it harder right now. I need to ask God to look after my son but everything on these lines just becomes a blur and today I don't want to cry....I have to try to get back to some sort of normality so today I am on flower duty.

The first flowers appeared on Tuesday morning last week and they now need attention.

Flowers have continued to appear and they are lovely and cause fewer tears than well meaning cards that just break me up. Yesterday I got beautiful cream roses from a church I've only visited three times. I am bewildered by all the good wishes and love being poured upon me.

In a whimsical moment yesterday I observed that this is the nearest to my own funeral I will get whilst being still alive. Living and partly living.... Weird but true....

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