Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Mixed messages

Autumn feels very wintery today.... the sun is out but it's cold....I have had a brief walk out wrapped in a big scarf over my padded jacket. The dog elected to stay inside!

The garden is now surreal! The summer flowers are still out next to Michealmass daisies. One of the rhododendrons is in flower. There are a couple of Camelias looking as if they might be the next!

Confusion in plant life! What ever next? The grass is still growing, new buds are appearing daily....the blackberries are still lush and sweet to eat.

A line from last weeks reading from Amos said. "You have planted vines but you will not drink the wine."

Now I think as I walk ..."I planted apple trees but I will not eat the pies"

This year apart from the crab apples in a sheltered spot there are no apples at all!

It's bright and beautiful outside. Brown and red and orange...a glorious collection of leaves where ever I look but this year no conkers! Not one. The wind that took the apple blossom took the chestnut flowers too.

This line  still holds good for me though. "You are nearer God's heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth. "


  1. I agree Jean. It is I think, the combination of beauty, silence and the feeling that 'this is somehow at the heart of things' along with the closeness of nature - and God.
    I feel my spirits lift even on a badly depressed day, as soon as I set foot outside the door.
    Sometimes it doesn't even need movement, just standing still for a minute brings a sense of calm.
    Those of us lucky enough to have gardens need to value them as they deserve.

    1. Perfectly put Ray...I've been out again this afternoon with my dog.....he moves slowly and sometime soon I shall be walking alone....but the great solace is the garden and the fact that the trees will survive even if we don't.