Wednesday, 17 October 2012

My dogs

The last time I had a dog who was never ill was William the Springer spaniel. As dogs go he was as tough as old boots, was as daft as a brush and a real character! His was the only vet that I was never on first name terms with.

My rescued golden, Major was unwell from the word go.... A visit to the vet happened so often that I knew all the vets, the nurses and receptionists by their first names. He had appalling skin problems that could never be cured, merely contained.

Crispin the golden has always enjoyed good health....his problems have always been self inflicted....treading on broken glass in the river, swallowing a peach, whose stone caused a severe bowl problem that nearly killed him! A fight with two black labs left him with a torn ear and the need to be castrated.

So I know all the vets round here by their first names too! Our favourite is Tom. He operated on a skin cancer two summers ago and gave Crispin two extra years of life.

I've already had preliminary talks with Tom. Because the day is fast approaching....

It is a fine line between not wanting to feel guilty because I've acted too soon and not wanting to feel bad because I've caused him to suffer....the line is not clear cut. Some days like yesterday was a bad one...I went to bed resolved "to do something" so this morning he's not bad at all!

He is starting to remind me of the old lady who had the last rites at least five times...each time she picked up wonderfully.

I hope I'm not sounding flippant here....he is my first thought in the morning and my last at night.....he is a very big, strong dog still....the chances of him sleeping away are remote....

Lord hear my prayers.


  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We only ever had one pet in all our married life a cat called Korky. He was with us 18 years and I had to have him put to sleep. I was with him the whole time but I must admit I was devastated. So never been brave enough to do it again. So Jean and David our thoughts and prayers are with you all the time xx

  2. Thank you Babs. You are the only one who will remember William! I have left word at the vets for Tom to ring me back....but it won't be till tomorrow night ! One small step at a time!

  3. We're on the same journey, Jean. We did have to say goodbye to a much loved Border Collie last year (though she was at least 18 years old, slightly undetermined age wise as she was a rescue). Now we have a lovely Collie Alsatian who is crumbling, with the balance between good days and bad swinging the wrong way... so we are struggling, at 16 years old she is well embedded in our family.... Prayers for you Jean, it is a hard one.....

    1. Thank you Alistair. I feel for you is quite possibly the hardest thing we have to decision is taken. He has gone aloft now. I hope yours is not going to be too hard!

  4. Praying for you and Crispin. It's an awful situation to be in and praying that God will be at work in it.