Tuesday, 9 October 2012

PPI. Oh dear!

I got an urgent message on my iPhone this morning....apparently time is running out and if I want to claim the money I am owed , now is the time to do it!

I've spent the last months deleting all such stuff from my email but somehow getting it on the phone gave it sufficient punch for me to investigate a little.

For a start I have not taken out any insurance of any kind , apart from a dog one so I have always thought it didn't apply to me. But this mornings message did make me wonder!

I spent a little time googling the whole subject.....the company who sent me the urgent message was described as spam and certainly one to be avoided...so I pressed the stop button so that I don't get any more.

Then I googled the whole thing, found articles from various well known financial writers telling me how to find out myself and describing just what we are talking about.

As I do have a card protection policy I suppose I could in theory find out about that!

I can't remember how much I pay per year but it's not much and I have no evidence that they did anything wrong by selling it to me. I don't intend to cancel it so I obviously think I need it!

It's all part of the get rich quick mentality I think , dial this number today and a cheque for X numbers of pounds will be in the post tomorrow.

Anyway thanks to a bit of research I now know how to claim on my own...without giving my banking details to anyone else.....all it needs is the time....and I'm afraid life really is too short....relax banks. I am not proceeding....and please don't send me any more spam to persuade me!


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  1. I really thought that one had died the death. It's had so much publicity that I really didn't think anyone was left in the UK who might be persuaded to respond.
    All of the messages I received were electronic so I automatically hung up on them or if left on the answerphone, deleted them.
    We were however still getting them nearly every day in the church so I deleted those too.
    Can 'they' still believe that bombarding people with unaskedfor advice is the way to endear themselves, let alone, sell themselves to anyone?
    John did do the PPI thing on everything he bought. Since his death I have always refused to do so, reckoning that in the unlikely event of a breakdown of whatever, it is usually cheaper to find a local 'man'.