Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Some light relief.

Frailty thy name is woman! Or something like that!

Last night amongst all the other emails I found one inviting me to be in "Who's Who"

Weirder and on earth can an ancient parish priest tucked away in Gods own country ever qualify for that? It was obviously a scam but I checked.....I asked onTwitter if anyone else had had one. Would it explode if I touched it? Did I need to change my password? All the things we are used to doing if the Gremlins are out to get us!

Only one other person had ever had one, another priest he advised me not to click on it unless I actually wanted instant fame.

On that note I went to bed....against all the odds I slept so this morning I went back to trying to put all the pieces of my life back into some sort of order.....

Checking my mail I found the invitation again to join a chosen group of professionals and executives. They had obviously got the wrong person....there must be another Jean Rolt around who qualifies...

So then I looked a little was from America! It was the USA version telling me I had qualified!

Ok. Clearly a joke....only fell for it the first time of looking because it was very late at night and I had had a glass of something comforting. That's my excuse anyway!

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  1. Not sure that giving up your privacy (such as it is_ for an entry in any sort of Celebrity Journal is worth doing.

    Not that you are not famous. After all, you are a published author, prolific blogger and tweeter and people have been made Dame for much less :)