Saturday, 3 November 2012

A hurt child

Since writing the post this morning another memory has intruded into my I had I think simply closed was just too uncomfortable to have lying around.

I first met Ziggy on line....she was articulate and very very angry....she tore into everyone on line who didn't agree with her and it soon became obvious that we were dealing with a very disturbed young woman...

Eventually she opened up to me and a couple of others...she had been abused as a child. Her kidnapping had filled the papers for a short time and she was thought to be dead.

She wasn't though....she was kept prisoner by a group of people one of whom was a women and used for sex in degrading ways. Pictures and films had been taken of a very young girl....around six I think, having various sorts of sex. These were sold on the Internet.

She had made it her mission in life to find and destroy every image, every short video, every moment of that appalling few weeks of her life...

I am not sure if she has ever managed to live any sort of happy life....we drifted apart when I came to Cornwall...certainly her relationships with her parents was uneasy and sometimes difficult.

Ziggy is only one of thousands of abused children who will never"recover" The scars will be there for the rest of her life.....I have often prayed for her that she find a warm loving relationship to take her hurt away...and I still do....but I also know that the children who were described as having been groped are also scarred...dreams of romance gone...a too early introduction to sex all leave their marks...and any...any teenage sex with an adult who was supposed to look after them is damaging to them for the rest of their lives.

I hope all those who have conspired to harm those children are prevented from ever being in charge of any children ever again..


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