Saturday, 24 November 2012

An apology would help.

It's time to draw out the ramifications of my on going problem with BT so at the risk of sending you to sleep here is a brief run down.

Three days after my sons funeral BT cut me off. It took days to establish that a small mistake in the address made by someone 20 years ago had resulted in my line being cut without any warning.

After that it took ten days to get a working phone back and then another week to get the broadband back. To date we still have the wrong number.....we are now waiting for our old number to be restored.

People trying to ring hear the phone ringing. They think I'm not answering it.

This is serious for a priest. The family of a man dying here last week were unable to get in touch . Ditto the funeral directors.

I am not the priest in charge here but we are a working cluster and two of the other priests have been away for the week.

A man needed to be given the last rites yesterday. Not able to get an answer they phoned several other people only one of whom knew the temporary number. Finally the message got through and when I rang the dying man's daughter she said

"oh Jean I'm so sorry. We should be praying for you"

I went around straight away and said the words of comfort.

Lots of people have comforted me in my grief and I'm very grateful.

From BT I have not even had one word of one has apologized for this appalling predicament.

BT care have on the whole been good but somewhere in BT there must be a person who can take responsibility for both saying sorry and trying to ensure that no one else is treated in the same way.


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