Saturday, 10 November 2012


Since writing my blog yesterday I have been contacted by several other people who have experienced the same process.
Surely there must be a law somewhere forbidding companies like BT and AOL from simply taking away their only means of communication!
David and I live out in the country.
If something had happened to one of us how would we have summoned help? We are both old people. It's frightening to think that without my mobile phone we would have been cut off absolutely.
I've now reread the letter from AOL which says Following a request from another service provider your broad band package has been rescinded!
I assume the other provider to be Talk Talk.
Surely the customer must have some input?
Both letters arrived a day after the cut off deadline.
That all this has happened in the aftermath of a huge loss is just unlucky I suppose. Something needs to be done though. We are still without our land line.
This cannot be right!

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  1. This just sounds like malpractice by the providors.

    It sounds quite complicated with BT, Talk Talk and AOL all involved.

    And notifying you of the removal of service after they have physically done it stinks.

    Not sure of the solution, but there is a Communications Ombodsman, but surely Trading Standards would have something to say about all of this and the way you have been treated?

    Prayers for some commonsense from these providors.

  2. Jean,

    Just looked this up and TalkTalk, owns AOL Broadband. So there is a connection. Perhaps they also own your land line, so when they cut you off, they automatically disconnected your line. You may be able to get some customer service from their website.