Sunday, 4 November 2012

Birth and death.

Fifty years ago I was pregnant and very happy. I was teaching and going for my hospital checks regularly...on the visit for the fourth month I was taken straight into hospital with very high blood pressure. I developed what was then called toxemia and is now known as pre eclampsia.

I spent three months on and off in hospital waiting for the birth. Twice I was given morphine to reduce the blood pressure. I found I quite liked it! Me and my baby were monitored constantly and during the last weeks I was not allowed out of bed or have even books to read. All my food was salt free and very boring.

And yet the baby grew inside me....

When I went into labour I was delighted both to be getting on with it and having a new life to care for.

The birth was quick and easy compared to most...I had become an expert by this time having been around the wards for such long periods.....

I was one of the lucky ones....the glory, the beauty, the joy...they were all mine when the baby was put into my arms....I wanted to sing praises to the Lord for this precious gift I had carried almost to term.

My first born, my beautiful baby this morning will be buried in the church yard of the church where I was ordained. He had been there to see his mother entering into a new calling in her old age...

I am indulging myself this morning before the burial.....because I hope to stay calm later....

Those of you who pray .....I need them now.... Please.


  1. Prayers and hugs for you on this difficult day

  2. Prayers love and all the hugs you can stand today.

  3. oh Jean, praying for you on this the hardest of days x

  4. The Lord protect and deliver you from all harm today; may His angels go before you and beside you; may they surround you on all sides as a hedge, pouring light on your path and may you have courage. May you know peace in every place today, the peace that is beyond understanding.

    Standing beside you in prayer. Jenni

  5. Dearest Jean. Prayers are with you and all your loved ones, now. May you be held by the lord and brought strength by the holy spirit. Always.

  6. In my experience those we love who we lose all too early stay with us forever in our memories. It's not the same as having them physically around - but it does means they live on as long as we do...

  7. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My warmest commiserations in this terrible time.