Saturday, 17 November 2012

Judge not !

I've been very quiet on the McAlpine thing because I have to declare an interest.
David worked for the family and indeed still lunches with them
all on a regular basis.
When it all came to the surface at first it was just speculation.
My husband declared straight away that it was ridiculous. His old boss would never ever do such a thing. His liking for ladies was legendary.
I worried quietly but was relieved when the victim declared the man was innocent.
The part played by Newsnight and people on Twitter is dreadful. There can be nothing worse than being labelled a peodophile without any chance of disproving it.
My dearly beloved sent off his letter of support with my blessing. I'm all in favour of outing the real offenders and the Saville enquiry has a long way to go but I suspect that Lord McAlpine was attacked so quickly and with such joy because he is a rich man and a Tory.
Those two things are not crimes.
And they are the only things against him.
We have to be very careful not to cast stones at people because of their politics and affluence I think.
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