Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Long moan

We are still cut off .
I have now had a conversation with BT and we have worked out what has happened. Our new neighbours asked to be connected and were. BT gave them our line. This was not the neighbours fault. It was BTs mistake.
We have now been without phone or broad band for a week.
For the first few days it proved impossible to even talk to BT but by the magic of twitter I did finally have a conversation whilst we worked out what had happened.
The young man has been helpful and courteous but we are still cut off.
He promised to ring back and he did. My mobile was on charge and by the time I'd crossed the room he'd gone.
We are out in the country. The mobile phone is wonderful but only as good as its signal which fails much of the time.
We are old people. We don't move as fast as we used to.
BT insists that they rang us to tell us we were being cut off. My phone log shows a couple of international calls made on the day of my sons funeral.
I have no memory of these calls which is hardly surprising. No one picks up the phone if it says International because its always someone trying to sell us something.
Communication is the problem here. Irony in all its glory.
We wish to communicate. And the means of doing so has been removed.
People are now very worried because I am not answering my phone!
One friend yesterday was preparing to drive from Devon to make sure we were alright.
The whole situation is unbearable.
Me and David have been married for 7 years. Today is our wedding anniversary.
We would like to make some gesture of celebration towards it
but this is looking unlikely right now.
Long moan over. For the time being.
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  1. what a pain, really hope they sort it out soon, probably the last thing you need right now. Hope you do manage to have a nice day together though. Congrats on your anniversary...
    blessings, red x