Thursday, 22 November 2012

Misery me

The last month has been a time of death and disaster on all sides and the weathers not helping either.
Following the loss of my dog and then my son, the funeral which should have been a time of peace and shared grief did not turn out like that.
I've seen it all before but not at such short range.
Then I lost my phone and broadband in one hit as BT cut me off with no warning.
Two weeks later and we are still in a mess.
We were put back on the phone last weekend but as its not our number no one is able to contact me.
My trusty iPhone has been stretched to capacity. The signal here is poor. We get cut off for long periods.
Yesterday a new hub arrived to sort out my broadband problems. It didn't.
It was easy to set up it just didn't work. No broadband.
I spent an afternoon on the floor with my head under the desk trying to sort out the leads.
After all of that I was almost suicidal.
Despair struck and although that sounds over dramatic it's not. I really was at the end of my very long tether.
After several attempts the BTcare man got through.
An engineer will come tomorrow.
It's always tomorrow right now!
On top of grief, strife and anxiety losing my means of shopping, communicating and the support of friends have been the absolute last straw. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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  1. ....and many more hugs from me too Jean. Hang in there.
    God loves a tryer, and heaven knows you are certainly that. To say nothing of being most sorely tried!
    At least when you are flat on your face at the bottom of the well, it can't get worse.
    Bless you. X

  2. Thank you Ray. All your kind words over the last weeks have heartened me a lot. And I have actually found out how to reply on my phone!

  3. Words are the only thing I can offer (and prayers) Jean, but if they are of any help at all, I am glad.
    Well done you, to conquer your phone.X

  4. Hugs and prayers continue, with or without communications. xx

  5. Thank you Claire. You are very kind.