Sunday, 25 November 2012

More floods.

Following my last post I am now actually traumatized by this mornings events. On this the worst month of my life there was another castrophe waiting to happen.

Having waded to church early I was pleasantly surprised to find my journey to the next village fairly easy. Lots of surface water on the roads were easy and I got to the next church wonderfully early.

It was afterwards that was the problem.

David and I go out to lunch when I've had a busy morning. We meet at a great pub which does Sunday roasts. It's down a lot of country lanes and we approach it from different angles .

My route after the second service was to turn off the main road and go down pleasant country lanes.

Today I drove straight into trouble. The Fal had burst its banks. No road was visible. I stopped when people walking told me the road was impassable. Unfortunately I could not turn round so I had to reverse.

I almost backed into the Fal! The man offered to get me out. I hate playing helpless female but needs must when your desperate . He got me out and turned my car in the right direction for me. I had to navigate a new route to the pub!

I drove along flooded lanes, forded a stream at its lowest point and finally got to the pub absolutely traumatized.

Now after garlic scallops and chips I am starting to relax....steady Lord. Nearly got me that time!


  1. Jean,

    Your adventures are heart stopping!

    It's really sad that Cornwall and the South West are suffering in this way.

    Just reminds me of in the 1970's, I went to Instow, Near Bideford where the Army ran experiments to drive Vehicles on or even under water.

    I drove a landrover which was fitted with a snorkel completely under water (me) without a snorkel. Such fun! I'd find it terrifying now.

  2. Wow Jean, I'm (almost) speechless.
    Perhaps you should trade your car in for a helicopter!
    It certainly does look as though the West Country is not the place to be at present.
    Surely it can't keep raining much longer.....can it?

  3. Stopped now apart from drizzle. The clearing up operation is going to massive.