Friday, 2 November 2012

No panic.

We were up at 5.30 this morning.....David has gone off on one of his jollies to foreign parts! Birmingham.

The last time he was going he missed the train so today we were taking no chances. He set off and I wandered around the empty house like a latter day Miss Faversham addressing my ghosts. An hour later he rang me but when I asked him if he was alright there was no answer....just a request for an Email.

In my present state of grief and anxiety I immediately thought the worst.....

The next half hour was spent trying to ring him on his mobile but there was no service and it just went to the messaging woman who must have the most annoying voice in the world especially when she says"If you want to rerecord your message at any time just press. Bleep bleep"

I tried to send an email but it's years since I last sent one to him and I wasn't certain I'd got it right so I phoned again.

"Are you alright?". Nothing came the stern reply.

It is a mark of just how overwrought and anxious I am right now that this threw me into total disaster mode!

Eventually we got it all sorted out.....he was in Plymouth where many announcements were being made and couldn't hear anything from the phone at all!

Relief flooded through me and may I solemnly ask now that the Lord keeps him safe till he gets home very late tonight. I can't cope with any more disasters right now.


  1. Thank you Earnie. Just spent another interesting half an hour trying to get David to turn his phone off.....I could hear the conversation in the compartment. Including whether they wanted tea or coffee!

  2. More hugs from me too Jean. I've been 'laid low' with a nasty throat/temperature/cough thing this week,so have been absent from the blog scene, but couldn't let this go by without comment.
    I think extreme grief heightens all our senses and we go into a sort of overdrive of anxiety over things we would normally dismiss.
    Mobile phones are the best and the worst of devices, great when they work, but the cause of much consternation when they don't.
    At least if his phone is switched on all the time you can keep track of him.
    Blessings X