Friday, 16 November 2012

PCC elections.

Living far out in the country is different from living in a town. We like it. But it has its drawbacks.
When I heard of the election of the PCC I thought it a daft idea. How are members of the public going to know who is best fitted for the job?
Yesterday went past in a haze of angst about the phone and total misery over losing my children.
It never occurred to me to go and vote .
We had had no leaflets. Not even a poll card. We do live a long way out.
When this morning a man I don't know explained to me that I could have gone to the library to find things out I told him the nearest library was 30 miles away. And not to patronise me. At my age I actually do know about libraries.
I am feeling my age it is true but from others response it seems that this brilliant idea of electing our police commissioner has passed by most of us.
My vote was too hard won for me ever to not use it. I always vote in elections but not yesterday. My not voting was a protest against the daftness of the idea and the waste of money involved.
There. I can fight back if pushed.
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  1. And so say all (well most) of us.
    Like you I have voted all my life and value the privilege and right to do so. Not on this occasion however. No-one has explained just what these individuals are going to be doing with our money, and since none of them - in this area anyway - has taken the trouble to issue a leaflet, bulletin, or hold a meeting they will get the response they deserve.