Friday, 30 November 2012

Red tape!

I remembered during the night that I had still a CRB form to fill in.
This came about three days after my sons death and although I started I made a complete mess of it and had to ask the diocese for another one. It got filed with all the BT stuff on my desk.
I will tackle it this morning but the question really has to be why?
I fully understand the need for a check on everyone who has any dealings with the young and vulnerable but every five years?
Also as a school governor I have to fill in another one. Why?
Surely one would do?
At a previous governors meeting the LEA sent a letter to say only new governors needed to do this and that we could wave the rest through. Common sense !
The bottom line is that they are expensive pieces of paper and have to have the signature of another responsible person.
The whole set up must employ a lot of people.
At my age I am hardly likely to have got a conviction for anything without everyone knowing. Round here if I take my car for an MOT the village knows.
Is it maybe time to exercise some common sense on this issue?
I will make time this morning in between visitors and answering the phone to sit down for an hour and do it. But stress levels are high right now and it's just as nerve racking as having 4 marriage certificates to write out.
My fellow priests will know what I mean!
From all perils of statutory forms dear Lord deliver me.

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  1. That is the silly thing about CRB. It's not transferable?

    I have two and I think that my Vicar has about five sets. And as he has now been appointed to a new Benefice - will have to start the whole process for his new churches, schools etc.

    And, the are expensive as well. I believe that one clearance should suffice for all purposes in the church - as long as the CRB Custodians are able to liaise with each other.

    In the services, your security clearance was valid for 10 years. It was recorded on a central personnel system, so that wherever you went, units could check that you were covered for whatever you were doing.

    Why can't the diocese set up something similar instead of having every single parish running separate systems?